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Dan Desveaux

Dan Desveaux, The Human Part

I'm living and working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I sew, I sing, I play guitar, I write music, I cook, I draw, I design. Some of them I do well enough that I want to share. Some I even do well enough that you might actually want me to share! I'm hoping one day to get paid for these things, instead of having a "day job".

(Photo by Dan Desveaux.)


Branwyn, The Lion Part

I always liked cats, growing up. Had pictures of big cats on my walls. Then I found the internet, and the Furry Fandom. I embraced my star sign and became the Leo you all know and love. It's weird, sure, but identifying with my inner lion has helped me become who I am today. I don't think that's so bad. ;)

(Image by Jocelyn.)

Tiger T-Shirt

Dents-de-Lion, Fabric Arts

My mom taught me how to sew, and I've always enjoyed it. Mostly I take commissions for t-shirts with custom graphic designs that I appliqué (sew on in fabric). I say "Fabric Arts" because I do more than just sew; I bleach and tie-dye and paint and distress - whatever I need to do to get the effect I want. Besides T-shirts I will take on other sewing projects, too, if I think I can do a good job of them!

(T-Shirt and Photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Lion and Guitar

Lion Heart?, Musical Performance

I taught myself to play a bit of piano when I was about 12, then started to sing in high school, too. Picked up guitar in university, then I picked up an electric bass, and joined a rock band!

Did that for more than a decade, including recording CDs and even a video, before the band finally gave up. So now I'm putting together a solo act, as yet unnamed. Myself and my acoustic guitar; some covers, some filk, and some originals; all exploring anthropomorphic themes in song.

(Drawing by Dan Desveaux.)


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