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Tiger T-Shirt (previously "Dents-de-Lion Fabric Arts")

Mostly I take commissions for t-shirts with custom graphic designs, which I appliqué (sew on in fabric). That said, I called it "Fabric Arts" because I do more than just appliqué t-shirts; I bleach and tie-dye and paint and distress - whatever I need to do to get the effect I want. Besides that, I will take on other sewing projects, too, if I think I can do a good job of them!

Most of the work I do is custom designed to order. I work with each customer to develop a shirt design that they want, and then make that shirt for them. Sometimes it's just a slight variation of a shirt I've already designed. Sometimes it's totally new and wild!

(T-Shirt and Photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Lion Silhouette

T-shirts, Animal Silhouettes

The idea for this style came from the "Lyon TransAmerica" transport company's logo, which had the company name "LYON" with a silhouette of a running lion superimposed on the text, forming parts of the letters. I modified the logo to "correct" the spelling to "LION", and that was my first design. Since then I have done "WOLF", "'ROO", "KITTY", and I have design ideas for many more! And of course, I also do custom designs.

(T-Shirt and Photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Lion T-Shirt

T-shirts, Dual-colour

This is another popular "style", where the design transitions from one colour on the left to a different colour on the right. I actually get two t-shirts of similar size and design, overlap them, sew the design, and cut away the extra parts. The remaining t-shirt is actually two halves of different colour shirts, sewn together with a cool design between them!

I first developed the technique for the "lion" design - the technique is my own, but the graphic was shamelessly stolen from a (printed) David Bitton / Buffalo Jeans shirt. Since then I've developed my own "tiger" graphic (pictured above, I also had one on display at the AnthroCon Art Show!) and have designs for others. And, once again, I specialize in custom designs!

(T-Shirt and Photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Glowing Paw

T-shirts, Glow-in-the-dark

This style is literally designed for raves and night clubs, and other dark venues - the design contains pockets for glowsticks, behind translucent (sometimes also fuzzy!) materials that allow the light (and colour) to shine through. It's a really great effect if it's really dark - I developed this style when I needed a truly awesome shirt to wear while DJ-ing at a rave!

As always, I specialize in custom designs! Tell me what you want and I'll see what I can do.

(T-Shirt by Dan Desveaux, photo by BungeeSkunk.)

Howling Wolf

T-shirts, Custom techniques (Thread art, Tie-dye)

I keep talking about custom design, and so I figure I should give some examples of this. I can use "Thread art" to "draw" outlines (like the wolf shown), whiskers, etc. I can selectively dye and/or bleach fabrics to get a desired pattern (like the moon shown).

(T-Shirt and photo by Dan Desveaux.)

Brave Heart Lion

T-shirts, Custom techniques (Bleach, Distress, Bead, etc...)

Here's another good custom design - in this one I bleached the t-shirt first, then appliquéed on top of that, frayed the edges of the fabric, used fuzzy materials for a textured design, added sequins and beads to accent it, and even "stuffed" areas of the design to get a raised effect (the central design is a heart, and all of the veins are raised).

I've also been known to use fabric paint for all or part of the design, to add safety pins, small chains, and use black-light-reactive colours... and probably other things that I've since forgotten. :)

(Graphic by Raioush, T-Shirt and photo by Dan Desveaux.)


Clothing and More

Besides T-shirts, I sew all sorts of other things. Shown is a kimono, made from a commercial Butterick pattern. Trim is black satin, main material is a cotton sateen (intended for drapes), and I dyed it myself to get the blue gradient. I can also modify commercial designs or develop my own patterns to suit your needs!

I'm not limited to clothing, either - I can do plushies, wall-hangings, quilts, even mascot costumes! :)

(Kimono and photo by Dan Desveaux, Kimono pattern ©Butterick.)


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