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DJ Branwyn

DJ Branwyn, Furry Rock DJ

I started DJing in University as a part-time job - worked for a company that did mostly weddings (and occasionally at the bar on an army barracks), playing mostly rock, pop and "oldies" from cassette! About that same time I discovered the furry fandom and started collecting music with furry characters and themes, like Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf".

Eventually I had enough of a collection to actually play a good set of solidly "furry" music, and got the opportunity to do so at Feral! for the last few years, and also at Furry Connection North earlier this year!

(T-Shirt by Dan Desveaux, photo by BungeeSkunk.)

Lion and Guitar

Lion Heart?, Live Furry Music

I was interested in music at a young age - teaching myself piano at age 12, practicing singing along with the radio in high school, picking up guitar in University, then electric bass.

I joined a rock band, and played electric bass, some percussion, and sang backing vocals for 13 years, through various names and permutations of the band. "Newspaper Taxi", the last incarnation, broke up in late 2007.

Through that time I started writing music, I became more involved in the furry community, and I continued to enjoy playing acoustic guitar and singing. The frustrations of the music industry also got to me, and so I started thinking about how I could keep performing music and get more enjoyment with less stress.

I decided to start my own solo act, writing my own furry songs and doing covers of other furry songs (I'd learned a lot over the years), singing along with my acoustic guitar, as I always thoroughly enjoyed doing at Feral! and during local furry music jams.

I've been leading the Feral! sing-alongs with Miami for years, started the Musician's Circle there, and am hoping to get an actual furry jam going this year! I played my first "set" in this new solo format in the make-your-owm-programming room at Furry Connection North and have been asked to perform as part of the official programming at FA: United, as the musical entertainment during the sponsor-appreciation "Cocktail Hour"! I couldn't be more excited. Now all I need is a name...

(Drawing by Dan Desveaux.)


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