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Mirror Frame

Home Decoration, Giraffe-Print Mirror Frame

I have a dream to decorate my house in a very furry manner, but without it being tacky or creepy. To that end I made a plush mirror-frame for my living room. Subtle, but sexy!

(Frame and photo by Dan Desveaux.)


Fursuit, Snowboarding Lion

I've been wanting to make myself a fursuit since I got into the fandom - it seemed like a really interesting challenge. I wanted to do something really novel and cool, though. I found most of the materials I needed for a lion character, but not the inspiration - and they sat on a shelf for 7 years!

But then I took up showboarding, and suddenly it hit me - a fursuit I could snowboard in! The excess heat wouldn't be a problem in sub-zero temperatures, and imagine how cool it would be to see a lion coming down the ski hill, mane and tail whipping in the wind!

This presented a lot of challenges - I would need excellent visibility and movement, for starters, two things that plague fursuiters. There couldn't be anything sharp or hard in the suit, in case I fell or hit something. The design had to be able to handle wind, cold and wetness, and still look good. It would need to be easy enough to put on myself, and I'd at least need to be able to put on and remove my snowboard bindings in it. That's a lot of design requirements for a first suit!

Some of the innovations I'm pretty proud of: the use of "tubes" of fur for the mane and tail-tuft, which look like dreadlocks, still flow nicely in the wind, but don't get knotted or tangled as long fur or hair would; the single-piece body design, with paws attached, but elasticized access holes in the palms that I can put my mitt-clad hand through if I need extra dexterity for something; and the use of mirrored ski goggles to replace fursuit eyes without sacrificing visibility or appearance.

The design has been revised several times, for both function and aesthetics; and it will continue to be modified! I still need to find a way to re-route my breathe to avoid goggle-fogging, but that's the only major downfall of the design. I plan also to make a lower suit, including foot-paws that go over the boots (for the appearance that I'm just standing on the board in bare paws), a magnetic attachment for the tail, and a whole new head that will fit over a helmet, so I can take it into the board parks!

I don't know that there'd be much demand for me to do a fursuit commission - and I don't know that I'd take one anyways, it's so much work! - but I am certainly happy to discuss design ideas and to brainstorm ways to overcome a unique design problem you might have!

(Fursuit made and worn by Dan Desveaux, photo by Torrle.)


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